My Services

At the initial consultation, we will explore your current issues, enquire about your background history and establish the focus of therapy. When you first contact me, it would be useful if you highlight the issues you need help with, so we can match you with the most suitable therapy. The fee partially or fully depends on which kind of insurance you have.


I work with psychotherapy (short and long term) and psychoanalysis. You may have asked yourself many times if you really should start a therapy or look for a therapist who can help you. Or maybe you are trying to support someone you care about. Sometimes we just don’t feel like talking about our psychic pain or critical life period or about our internal issues with friends or close relatives.

That’s why you may be looking for someone who is neutral, could give you support and help you find possible reasons to explain your state of mind and how it reflects in our daily life.

A Trial Period

Psychoanalysis is a kind of therapy that arises from Freud’s work of the beginning of the past century, has now improved its characteristics, and enlarged its range of possible applications over more than 100 years of research in theory and practice, clinically and scientifically based.

During the trial period or first interviews we will find out together what therapy best suits you at that moment of your life. My specific areas are:
depression, anxiety, separation, trauma and posttraumatic states, psychosomatic disorders, relationship issues.



Therapy sessions last 40 minutes and are held at a regular time slot each week.
Weekly attendance is important for therapy to progress.

Missed and canceled sessions are payable in full; sessions cancelled at least 24 hours before will be charged in part.